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tv   WLWT News 5 Today Weekend  NBC  March 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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jonathan: now on news 5 today, a kentucky hiker dies after falling from a cliff. details about the victim and why it was a tough recovery operation. plus, an indiana high school basketball team on their way to the semifinal game is involved in a crash. an update on those injured and what officials say caused the accident. richard: a cincinnati tradition over a hundred years in the making. stick around and we'll give you a taste. jonathan: spring has arrived. you won't feel the change in season today. blue lights at the radisson, a-okay from jennifer schack. she'll tell us when it will get warmer in her most accurate forecast. it's sunday, march 20, 2016. this is news 5 today. [captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] >> good morning.
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thanks for joirng us on this sunday morning. i'm jonathan hawgood. meteorologist jennifer schack, did you see the sauce? the stirring stick. jennifer: they won't notice if he gets a bolts of ttle of it for me. jonathan: the stick stands up in the sauce. jennifer: have richard ask if it's a soft or a hard meatball, because is it crumly or soft meat? i need to know before i go. weather. jennifer: a couple of cool days today and tomorrow, then we come out of it. in the morning, it's a coat wearing morning. temperatures this morning, you note that to our west, temperatures bump up. to our east, they bump up a little. there's a swath of 20 degree temperatures we're dabbling in for cincinnati at 29 right now. and that's because we had the clearer skies. the system to our southwest bypassing us with clouds, flakes and rain showers sinking south, not into our direction.
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appalachians is trying to build wefd westward, hasn't made it in for us. we have an area of clear skies leading to a colder start. there is a wind chill to factor in. visibilities are high at ten miles. no fog, not anticipating any development. dry conditions on the radar. temperatures are struggling. this morning in the upper 20s. by 8:00 a.m., we're at 30. we top out this afternoon in the mid 40s. it will be another cool one today. improvement by midweek. then eventually spring thunderstorms. we'll have the forecast coming up. jonathan. jonathan: thank you. a 22-year-old dies after falling during a hike at a nature center outside of lexington. now we've learned she was from northern kentucky. the fayette county coroner has identified the hiker as mary stewart of kenton county. stewart fell while hiking at the raven run nature sanctuary. the facility is currently closed
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crews say stewart slipped and fell to her death saturday afternoon. once stewart's body was recovered, they say a boat they were in capsized with both rescuers and the victim on board. an autopsy is expected to be performed later today. an indiana high school basketball coach had to be airlifted to the hospital after a team bus carrying 27 players and staff members overturned on a busy interstate. the griffith high school boys basketball team of northern indiana has headed to the state semifinal game in lafayette saturday when the crash happened. another driver spilled her drink on herself, causing her to sideswipe the bus. the bus rolled and landed on its side and its roof. traffic was backed up nearly ten miles as officials investigated. >> the vehicle obviously did roll over.
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and several of the adults, multiple people were transported to local area hospitals with varying degrees of injuries. jonathan: the school district says the coach is in stable condition. all other 26 people on the bus, including 20 students, have been treated and released. the griffith community will hold today. a traffic warning tonight for drivers in warren county. starting tonight, there will be lane closures on interstate 71 north and southbound at the socialville foster road bridge in deerfield township. at 8:00, there will be single lane closures. that will be followed by double lane closures starting at 11:00. there will be short-term full closures tomorrow at mid nide night. they'll run through friday. all lanes will reopen by 7:00 in the morning. this is to replace the bridge with a five-lane bridge, including a bike path. an estimated 10,000 cars use that bridge every day.
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complete. clermont county will resume road work this week on the water main replacement on branch hill guinea road. starting monday, traffic will be down to one lane where the road intersects with loveland miamiville road. that work is to take two weeks. it's part of a larger project to fix drainage problems and widen branch hill. the work will continue through the end of the next month. today's palm sunday and that means the return of a century old cincinnati tradition at the sacred heart church. wlwt news 5's richard chiles is live in camp washington for the original italian dinner. we've got a request. jennifer wants to know if the meatball is hard or crumbly. firm or crumbly. richard: jonathan, jonathan, it's a melt in your mouth meatball. it's got 105 years of love and flavor. a wonderful tradition here at sacred heart church.
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look at what 500 gallons of sauce looks like. 445 is what i've been corrected. we're going for a precise measurement here. a pinch there, a dash there. 455 gallons of sauce. 23,000 meatballs, 220,000 hand rolled ravioli. that's an amazing recipe, stirred in with about 105,000 beautiful, beautiful smell wafting through north side. this is a great tradition here in the lenten season. it's a wonderful way to make things start -- 445 before they thin it out. then, of course, adding a little love makes the sauce the best. meals here get started, $12, just a wonderful donation. make this thing happen. dine-in starts at noon. but, of course, the line has already begun forming.
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out the door at 10:00. it's a great tradition a wonderful opportunity to support this great commitment effort, all the proceeds go here to support the mission of sacred heart church. any leftovers that we don't take home, jonathan, make their way to the drop inn center. as they're guys are saying, that's amore. jonathan: you wore the right sweater. you can spill and nobody will notice. jonathan: honoring those who make a difference. this weekend, a couple created their own version of a food truckdown town. it wasn't for tailgating. saturday, charley steinborn and his fiance, laura overton spent $200 on food and served up food and drinks for the homeless. he hopes his pop-up service on third street inspears other people. >> this is our first time and it turned out to be a lot more people than we expected.
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hamburgers and a little over 100 hot dogs. and what time is it in 5:40. so about an hour and a half. >> this is, like i said, an open door for individuals such as myself to get some help and to talk about other issues. jonathan: charley and laura work downtown so see the same people in need every day. they just wanted to give back. police are investigating an officer involved shooting in louisiana. the very few details police are releasing at this time coming up. we'll tell you about the chase that led up to the incident. just one game stands between the xavier musketeers and the sweet 16. we'll have the latest on how the team's preparing to take on the badgers of wisconsin. and a live look outside. citycam 5. pretty shot of that covington
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you' re unpacking already? yeah, help me find some mugs. sure. (beep) hey... o.k. they' ll do. wake up to the mountain grown aroma of folgers. the best part of wakin' up so, where do you want to start? i think this is a pretty good place.
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jonathan: welcome back. louisiana state police are investigating a deputy involved shooting in tammany pars. officials say the deputy shot at a person in a vehicle after a car chase. the unidentified person died at the scene. state police say there were other passenger in the vehicle that were not injured. no deputies were hurt in the chase or the shooting. another scene of protesters
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put a stop to a donald trump rally in arizona. protesters blocking the main highway that led to his campaign rally. there's a report of another protester assaulted at a trump campaign stop in tucson, which comes on a day when four out of five candidates hit the campaign trail out west. chris pollone has more. reporter: in tucson, arizona, violence mar ed another donald trump rally. punching a protester led from the arena before local police stepped in. it came during an event constantly interrupted. >> there's a disgusting guy, puts a ku klux klan hat on. he thinks he's cute. he's a disgusting guy. reporter: earlier, trump spoke to thousands near scottsdale. protesters there blocked the road leading to the rally by parking their cars in the middle of the road. the frontrunner ignored them, taking aim at republican insiders. >> you have the establishment. they don't know what they're doing. they have no clue. reporter: bernie sanders, also
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very personal way is not what this country is supposed to be about. reporter: john kasich tried to stay above the fray while >> i will not take the low road to the highest office in the land. i will not do it. reporter: also campaigning in utah, ted cruz, donald trump's york billionaire is not a real conservative. >> donald has been supporting liberal democratic politicians for 40 years. reporter: the gloves are off, literally and figuratively. but will any of it slow trumps path to the nomination? chris pollone, nbc news, new york. jonathan: both parties will vote in arizona and utah on wednesday. it's the caucus day for democrats in idaho. for all of your commitment 2016 coverage, you can stay up to date on the mobile app and online at
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jennifer. jennifer: we're starting off talking about where we should be for temperatures. it's the first spring afternoon. we'll be below average. yesterday afternoon, mid 40s. similar today, 44. so far this morning, the low has been 29. averages, 55 and 35 for this date. here's the satellite and radar this morning. we have precipitation again this morning across portions of the southern indiana. this time, it's sliding south and southeast, not into our direction. any cloud cover in parts of ohio trying to build a little bit farther to the west but not quite making it in for us. we're in between the two systems with mostly clear skies right now. that has led to a chilly start this morning. temperatures in the 20s for most of us. we have dry conditions on the wlwt radar. we'll keep it dry this morning. looks like afternoon chances today are minimal. so we'll call for partly cloudy skies with a few clouds developing. not likely to see showers today. temperatures in the 20s. especially mid 20s up through
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higher in the southwest counties, closer to cloud cover. there's a couple of sprinkles near louisville. we're at 29 officially. a north wind at six miles an hour makes it feel like 23. quite a wind chill to factor this in this morning. we have a chilly start this morning, one more chilly morning tomorrow morning. we'll come out of the cool weather pattern in time. later this afternoon, partly cloudy, highs in the mid 40s. close to where we were yesterday. yesterday tried a peek of sunshine. today, partly cloudy and dry conditions. satellite and radar, the wider view showing rain showers for louisville, snow showers in st. louis. snow showers in eastern parts of ohio moving westward ever so slightly not going to make it in for us. we'll stay quiet under partly cloudy skies. north winds will persist today and tomorrow before we break the weather pattern. today's high temperatures in the mid 40s. scattered clouds, light rain
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kentucky, not a problem for us. north winds continue tonight, which means tomorrow morning, it's another cold start. monday afternoon, a little bit of improvement, temperatures upper 40s. maybe a spot or two around 50 on monday. but the big improvement is a warm front that's building out across the plains on monday. not impacting us yet. as we get a west wind monday, it turns to a southwest wind tuesday. we tap into the warm air. there should be a 15 degree climb from monday to tuesday. we'll keep around the dry weather as well. a warmup by midweek. we have to get through a couple more cool days. today, 44. sun and clouds in the afternoon, a light north wind. tomorrow, chilly overnight. it's a coat or double jacket tomorrow morning. 29 degrees monday. monday afternoon, 48. scattered clouds monday. sunshine tuesday. notice the jump. once we make it back to warmer
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tuesday, wednesday, thursday. that's the extent of the warmup. it comes to an end with a cold front, maybe heavy banding for thursday. that will be a day to watch for rain and thunderstorms. that cold front impacting temperatures in the 50s behind it. that's good friday and holy saturday. a cooler weekend heading into easter. jonathan: one game to go for the musketeers before they make it to the sweet 16. won't be an easy matchup. george vogel has more in morning sports. george: xavier will be looking for a spot in the sweet 16 tonight. welcome back, everyone. the musketeers taking on the wisconsin badgers. elise jesse is in st. louis and talked with the musketeers at the scottrade center yesterday. elise: it's going to be a top game to watch sunday night. xavier and wisconsin, two of only nine teams to go to the sweet 16 five times in the last eight years. larry austin, junior, told me an accomplishment like that should reflect highly on the coaching staff.
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and do what they say. that's a compliment to them. elise: with such a quick turnaround between games and an unfamiliarity with the upcoming opponent, xavier uses a simple strategy. each assistant coach is assigned to one team and they make sure not to overload the players with information. >> wisconsin is the same way from what i understand. so this time of the year, the players have heard so much. it's been a long year. you don't want to make it any longer. you want to keep their attention. >> at the end of the day, it's about playing hard and getting after it and coming out with more intensity and energy. elise: wisconsin likes to play the classic, big ten style of basketball. they like to be physically tough from start to finish. that won't be a problem for the musketeers. they love playing physical basketball. just one game stands between xavier and another ticket to the sweet 16 for a second straight year. from scottrade center, elise jesse, wlwt news 5 sports. george: here's a look at the bracket.
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game plays the winner of the xavier game. x and wisconsin tipping off tonight, scheduled to be right around 8:40 p.m. elsewhere in the ncaa tournament, indiana and kentucky played yesterday. hoosiers get the win. it is indiana heading to the sweet 16. that game didn't hurt my bracket one way or the other. it was shot yesterday and the day before and the day before that. i only know one guy that had stephen f. austin over west virginia. and also had middle tennessee beating michigan state. do it year after year after year. jonathan: i went to college really close to middle tennessee state. more talented kids ready to make a national debut. first, we'll take you behind the scenes of little big shots. cincinnati's top choirs battling it out. the event happening today and the groups competing to make it
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a live look outside. citycam 5, daniel carter beard bridge has action, a couple of cars going north.
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jonathan: little kids with big talent. millions are tuning in for little big shots sunday nights on nbc to see what the kids can do. it's what they're saying that has families watching at home. nbc's kevin tibles has more. >> welcome to little big shots. reporter: the only thing little about little big shots are the pint-sized prodigies. nearly 15 million people tuned in to watch host steve harvey introduce some very talented kids. and somehow, navigate some quirky conversations. >> where your balls? >> his facial expressions take over when words just won't do. >> you can't produce a 6-year-old. he doesn't remember what you told him to say. he doesn't care. and neither do i.
6:24 am
the sleeper success of the season, tapping into the tried and true tradition of something the whole family can enjoy together. the show's co-execive producer is ellen degeneris. >> it's a talent show but not a competition. everyone's a winner. reporter: in the 50s and 60s, folks were glued to the tube and "house party" where kids said the darnedest things. >> what's the hardest thing about school for you? >> buttoning my pants. reporter: perhaps there's another reason we're watching. >> it's during this election badly. here you can see the future of the country through the kids, as opposed to the politicians. reporter: this teeny tiny talent time is clearly a hit with kids
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kevin tibles, nbc news, voig. chicago. jonathan: catch it tonight at 8:00. after nbc's new comedy "the car michael show." practice what you preach would you turn the other cheek . jonathan: top choirs battle it out at cincy sings. the group from great american and macy's customer services have spots in the final after winning last year. the sing-off will be at the air not center at 2:00. the cincinnati metropolitan orchestra celebrates with a special concert at seton high school in west price hill at 3:00 p.m. since it formed, the 60 member orchestra has performed more
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cincinnati and around the united states. 23 of the original members are still performing with the orchestra. still a lot more ahead on news 5 today, including out with the old, in with the new. the construction timeline for the new clifton market. not sure they meant to do that, but we'll see it again. and your live look outside. citycam 5. stay with us. our next item is a genuine "name your price" tool. this highly sought-after device from progressive can be yours for... twenty grand? -no! we are giving it away for just 3 easy payments of $4.99 plus tax! the lines are blowing up! we've got deborah from poughkeepsie. flo: yeah, no, it's flo. you guys realize anyone can use the "name your price" tool for free on, right? [ laughing nervously ] [ pickles whines ] i know, it's like they're always on television.
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jonathan: now on news 5 today, an ohio man arrested for kidnapping a teenager he allegedly met on a social media app. the warning police are sending to parents. richard: we're giving you a taste of a tri-state tradition just ahead. jonathan: more chilly weather to end the weekend. it gets better not long after that. meteorologist jennifer schack will give us all the details. it's sunday, march 20, 2016. this is news 5 today. jonathan: good morning. welcome to news 5 today. thanks for joining us on this sunday morning. i'm jonathan hawgood with meteorologist jennifer schack. we're trying to brighten things up with our colors here, but it's still dark behind us. jennifer: it's going to be
6:30 am
up. there should be sun when it comes up, unlike yesterday morning when it was cloudy, rain asking wet snow. jonathan: the dog didn't like the rain on the walk. jennifer: why didn't you wait until it stopped. jonathan: it was when i had my opportunity. no shaking off the coat after the walk today. jennifer: looks good. but do have a coat. temperatures in the 20s for everyone. wind chills are a factor this morning. it's our first spring morning. visibilities are high. temperatures in the upper 20s to around 30 degrees. we were basically all at 30 last hour. new observations coming in. wilmington still the coldest spot at 26. those are without the wind chill factored in, running three or four degrees cooler. visibilities are high at ten miles. we have a couple of clouds, but we'll not see any development of fog and i don't think we'll have much in the way of clouds to
6:31 am
note precipitation across southern indiana. we're watching it progress in our direction yesterday morning. this morning, it's sinking south and southeast. it won't be a problem. we're underneath mostly clear skies right now, should have more sunshine later today. it's going to stay cool. we'll talk about how long it sticks around before a warmup, coming up. jonathan: jennifer, thanks. funeral arrangements have been set for a 4-year-old boy police say died after being put in scalding hot water. austin cooper's funeral is set for tuesday at hare riggs funeral home in middletown. franklin police have charged the boy's stepmother, anna ritchie, with child endangering. she admitted to putting the boy's legs in scalding hot water as punishment. the next day, his father found him dead. a minerva man arrested for kidnapping a girl from missouri is being held on $500,000 bond. 41-year-old eric shotwell went before a judge on saturday, charged with one count of kidnapping, two counts of rape and one count of assault.
6:32 am
website, say hi, earlier this month. picked her up and brought her back to ohio. once at his home, the teen told the police, shotwell wouldn't let her leave. she texted her mother, who called the police. >> keep an eye on your kids. stress to them the importance of being safe with social media. watch your kids. jonathan: the teen was treated at akron children's hospital. now children's services is making arrangements to keep her back home. the fbi is also investigating. >> education, education, education. you can't fight something if you don't know what you're fighting. jonathan: a cincinnati mom teaming up with the heart foundation to fight the heroin epidemic with hope. donna carmosino knows the pain and cution of addiction firsthand, as her son continues
6:33 am
saturday, she helped organize an addiction rescue in sharonville, she says, to save the next generation. >> they're kind of with drawn and hide in the closet because they have a child, a parent, a neighbor, a boyfriend, a mom or dad who is an addict. they don't want to come into these events and ask for help. jonathan: recovery centers and counselors provided resources for families exacted by addiction. they also offered scholarships to help pay for recovery programs. a proposed change to ohio's smoking ban could allow some smoking indoors at private clubs. state senator bill seitz from cincinnati sponsored the bill. supporters say it would mirror other smoking ban states. they allow smoking in private cigar clubs. currently, private clubs can allow smoking if they're not attached to other buildings, don't have employees and are nonprofit. the new bill would remove those restrictions. clifton residents are one step
6:34 am
store. saturday, the clifton market held a construction kickoff. clifton has been without a grocery store since back in 2011, when the keller iga closed. since then, members of the community have been raising funds to bring a grocery store back to the area. clifton market will be a full service upscale grocery with up to 80 employees. >> it's the heart of the community, a great place to come together, meet friends and neighbors and celebrate each other and food. jonathan: turns out they meant to pull the sign down. it's part of destruction. developers expect the construction build-out to take four months. followed by two months for fixture installation and inventory stocking. jonathan: today is national ravioli day. it's not sure when the holiday started but a local church has
6:35 am
than a century with the stuffed pasta. richard chiles joins us in camp washington with the original italian dinner. richard: good morning. i've learned if you stick around the sons of italy long enough, they'll put an apron on you, put you to work. it's an amazing tradition. you talk about the years in the kitchen. 105 years. that's the recipe to make this thing work. got a lot of singing, a lot of joy. look how thick the sauce is. the ladle able to stand up. gives you an idea how great the dinner is. it's been going on here for over 105 years. an amazing tradition. parish. it's just $12 for this meal. folks have lined up already. the first dine-in is at noon, the first carry-out at 10:00.
6:36 am
think about this. 500 dread gal gallons of sauce. the sauce is thicker this year. gallons. 23,000 meatballs, 220 hand rolled raviolis. it's enough to make your mouth water already. jason sperry and i will bring home leftovers. again, you got to come down and get your own. the line is already starting to form. we're live in camp washington this morning, richard chiles, wlwt news 5. jonathan: thanks, richard. the ymca of greater cincinnati is putting a twist on an easter tradition. today, they'll host an underwater egg hunt at participating branches from noon until 3:00. kids can hunt for colored eggs in the pool and then exchange them for prizes. the hunt is free and you do not have to be a member of the y to take part. the sixth suicide bombing this year in turkey has killed five people.
6:37 am
the attack, including two american citizens killed. and president obama's historic visit today. his trip to cuba and what it relations. nighttime barge got the lights aglow and pushing that ing that ing that coal or
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master
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jonathan: welcome back. two dual nationality israeli americans are among the dead following a suicide attack in istanbul. five people were killed and several dozen wounded in the it happened on the main the city. it was the sixth suicide bombing no one has claimed responsibility so far. an historic visit for president obama. the capital city is undergoing a much of the city's buildings look familiar, similar to
6:40 am
because of anti-american sentiment, many of the buildings were hardly used. president obama will be the the island since 1928. he will stay there until and just ahead of the president's visit, the centers for disease control has posted a zika virus travel notice to cuba. cuba has been added to the list of countries where people are at risk of contracting the virus. the most common symptoms, fever, rash and joint pain. it's been linked to birth defects. the cdc says people should use insect repellent. no vaccine exists to prevent that disease. u.s.-based starwood hotels has reached an agreement with cuba to take over operations of two hotels in havana. starwood will be the first american hospitality company to operate a hotel on the island since relations between the two countries were reestablished after more than 50 years. the new york-based conglomerate will take over the city's oldest
6:41 am
avenue hotel in miramar. the leader of the catholic church going after new followers on instagram. pope francis posted a photo of himself praying, using the name francisis. the pontiff says he wants to walk with followers along the way of god's mercy and tenderness. the account already has more than 1 million followers. pope francis also has a twitter account. the thomas more women looking for back-to-back national titles. we'll give you their latest victory and their next appearance on the court coming up in your morning sports. jennifer: and happy spring. although it doesn't feel like it. temperatures this morning in the 20s. we'll have sunshine this afternoon but it's going to stay cool. so when do we have the spring warmup? we'll go through the work week
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. jonathan: palm sunday today. the original italian dinner going on in camp washington. been delivering live reports about the sauce. jennifer: sounds great to me at 5:00 a.m. i love italian.
6:45 am
any point you're breathing. we've also got easter egg hunts coming up. jennifer: we do. yesterday, there were a couple delayed in my area. some went through. it was cool yesterday for easter egg hunts. cool and wet. but for those heading out today, it's going to be a cool one. jonathan: i was told we'll have the pope. are we going live? sorry to interrupt. tell us about spring. jennifer: sunrise at 7:41 this morning. we've got just less than an hour. this afternoon, the forecast is 44. on both accounts, below where we should be, 55 and 35. here's a look at the satellite and radar. clear sky overhead this morning. clear to mostly clear. there are two areas that we're watching, one of them across indiana that's sinking south, not a problem for us. one of them off to the east across portions of ohio. it's moving back to the west but has not invaded for our area.
6:46 am
out there. i think we'll stay that way. dry conditions on the radar. temperatures with the clear skies in the eastern counties, mid 20s right now from warren, clinton, highland county. 29 for cincinnati. we have a couple of spots slightly higher as you get toward clouds to the southwest. a look at 29 currently. with the wind chill, it feels like 23. it's a chilly start, north wind at six mice an les an hour. we'll keep around a north breeze today and tomorrow. highs today, in terms of air temperature, similar to where we were yesterday afternoon. low to mid 40s. sunshine. no precipitation expected. expected. satellite and radar showing our bypassing us. cloud cover across the appalachians. the showers exiting the mid-atlantic. we happen to have a nice swath of clearing overhead. that will help us out for morning sunshine and then we'll stay partly cloudy this afternoon. i think our eastern counties
6:47 am
try to invade just a little bit today. but shouldn't block too much sunshine. overall, the main concern for today will just be the north winds at the surface, the cool temperatures that stick around today. partly cloudy skies at times. overall, quiet today and tonight. that means we drop off into the 20s again tomorrow morning for a chilly monday morning. and we start to come out of it a little bit tomorrow afternoon. not as evident of a north wind during the day monday. so we start to warm up a slight amount. highs in the upper 40s. maybe a spot or two near 50 for monday afternoon. dry conditions, the sunshine persisting. tuesday, we tap into a warm front developing across the plains. it slides in tuesday and takes the temperatures bumping 15 degrees from monday to tuesday. we still have a dry weather pattern around. 44 today. partly cloudy. cool with the north wind. tonight, 29. a chilly monday morning. monday afternoon, 48. we get rid of cool days and then
6:48 am
tuesday, wednesday, thursday all look nice in terms of temperatures. as we make it into thursday, we see rain and thunderstorms creeping in during the day instead of waiting until the overnight. so that could be interrupting some daytime plans on thursday. it's a strong cold front. it will cool us off for friday and saturday behind it. a lot of the days do look dry. now here's your sunday morning sports. george: we told you about the big xavier game tonight a little earlier. now let's talk about this big game. a battle of heavyweights. kentucky and indiana meeting in the round of 32. welcome back, everyone. you could see either one of these teams making a run to the final four. but with the way the bracket was set up, only one would reach the sweet 16. the east region out in des moines, iowa. tyler ulis, the bomb for three. farrell goes to work. the pass to thomas bryant. the hoosiers advancing past kentucky, 73-67. so indiana moves on to the sweet
6:49 am
seeded north carolina. all right. high school basketball. the new cath boys were down in rupp arena, hoping to nail down a spot in today's state championship game. the thoroughbreds taking on lexington dunbar. ben wire giving the breds the early lead. wire with 16 points. but darius williams had 20 points and 11 rebounds for dunbar. he gets the tip here. a fine season coming to an end for new cath, 55-47. dunbar. the thomas more women were in columbus playing in the division 3 national semifinals. sidney moss was feeling it last night. pouring in 39 points. it was a battle. but the saints come out on top, 74-64. thomas more will play for a second straight national title on april 4 in indianapolis against tufts university. again, the xavier game tonight. going to tip off right around 8:40 against wisconsin. the winner moves on to the sweet
6:50 am
elise jesse is in st. louis. she will have a live report at 6:00. live report at 11:00. and a live report on sports rock tonight after the late news. so it's going to be like the elise jesse show all day, just like it's, well, it's the jonathan hawgood show here in the morning. jonathan? jonathan: thanks, george. don't forget jennifer schack. whoa is right. horror hound offers books, merchandise, and horror film festivals. enjoy panels on topics from the strained to x-files. celebrities are ready to sign items and take photos with fans. we found makeup artists and movie producers looking for people who enjoy their specialty. >> they look forward to this once a year. fls a lot of interest in people
6:51 am
character of their favorite person. that's my favorite part is seeing what people create. jonathan: horror hound runs from 11:00 to 5:00 today. a day pass is $22.50. it could be any time for the second eagle chick to make its debut in washington, d.c. cameras captured cracks in the second egg saturday morning. it can take from 12 hours to two days for the chick to make its way out. the chick's older sibling hatched friday morning. there's mom standing by. there's the chick. got some food for me, mom? throwing a party for a good cause. the event last night at the duke energy center, aimed at helping find a cure for pediatric brain cancer. we'll see randi rico doing a
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
jonathan: welcome back. hundreds put on tuxes and evening gowns last night to help find a cure for pediatric brain cancer. it was the cure starts now ninth annual gala at the duke energy center. wlwt news 5's jenell walton has more on the fundraiser. reporter: the theme, moulin rouge. dancers from the cincinnati ballet kicked off the cure starts now ninth annual gala. >> in the last year, we've raised $6.7 million. we've given to cancer research. if you raise it and never spend it, you never get closer to the cure. it starts with events like this. reporter: guests were able to meet real life cancer survivors in the crowd, like tanner thompson, a high school junior. >> january of 2009, i was diagnosed with my first brain tumor.
6:55 am
i came for my yearly checkup and in july of this last year, i was diagnosed again with another tumor. reporter: organizers invited tanner and her family to get their minds off her illness and enjoy a night on the town. >> great to see so many people support this great cause and to get to see it firsthand is humbling. reporter: lauren hill lost her very public battle to brain cancer last year. her mother helped organize the fundraiser. she says it's an honer to help others fight the disease. >> to go and be in the fight every day in her honor and memory until we can get the job done gives me purpose to get up every day and to keep moving forward to help other families that are fighting. jonathan: organizers say they than 850 tickets. by the way, here's your dancing and sitting video.
6:56 am
portion of last night's festivities. way to go, randi. today is national proposal day. this day is for those who have waited patiently for that special someone to pop the question without success. the creator of this day says the most eligible singles in the u.s. are, can you guess, taylor swift and leo dicaprio. he's got to find himself someone. thousands of couples took part in a mass wedding ceremony on saturday in mexico city. more than 5,000 people descented on central square for the festivity. among them, couples ready to get married. this tops last year's numbers, setting a new record for couples getting married at the same time in mexico city. there was no charge for couples wanting to get married.
6:57 am
square on saturday. they were celebrating the international day of happiness. write your happy acts on the big orange happiness wall. organizers sent photos from the event for us. the square also offered dance and yoga sessions, cheerleaders selling lemonade and crafts for the kids. i heard it was laughing yoga. i wonder how that went. cincinnati's day of happiness benefitted big brothers and big sisters. cincinnati wasn't the only day celebrating the day of happiness. across the country, people wrote something they planned to do to make people happy on a post it note and put it on a big orange board. in 2011, the u.n. general assembly adopted a resolution to recognize happiness as a fundamental human goal. the united states ranks 13th in the happiest country in the world competition. i think we've got to be higher. that's just me. still a lot more ahead on news 5 today, including an effort to replace a bridge that causes
6:58 am
we'll tell you about that, but not before we go outside in citycam 5. look at the daniel carter beard bridge. it mirrors the horizon in the orangeness. what a gorgeous electric and natural light shot for you on your sunday morning. cat's of the world, it's time to rejoice. put your paws in the air like you just don't care! cuz now, your litter box odors are gone for good. new fresh step with the power of febreze has been designed to absorb, trap, and eliminate those nasty smells. so pounce. go wild. chase that string.
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worth celebrating. introducing new fresh step
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jonathan: now on news 5 today, a kentucky hiker dies after falling from a clip. the details about the victim and why it was a tough recovery mission. plus the high school basketball team headed to the semifinal game involved in a crash. what officials say caused the accident. richard: we're stirring up a great tradition in the tri-state. what do we need? >> we need some bread. richard: bread just ahead, jonathan. jonathan: don't forget the garlic garlic.


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